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J.D. Shah Films

Animation | Short Films | Web Series | Kids Learning Videos | And More!

J.D. Shah Films is a production company with the same name of YouTube channel that focuses on both animated and live-action short films, web series, and animated learning videos for kids. Jaydeep Shah, founder and producer of J.D. Shah Films, brings his passion for writing to the world of visuals. Here at J.D. Shah Films, authors are welcomed to submit their stories for consideration.

Specialized in the production of a wide range of fiction, J.D. Shah Films aims to entertain not only adults but also kids. This is why we have created a special schedule for when we upload a specific type of content. You can find this schedule on the Home Page of our website.

Some series and short films with adult content that we cannot share on YouTube will be available to purchase on our website. We hope you enjoy the content we bring.

We are proud to offer opportunities to first-time authors, animators, cameramen, directors, actors, and all the other artists and creators who can help us create amazing content to entertain a wide range of audiences.

As noticed on YouTube, we currently deliver kids learning videos every week on Friday. We promise to launch more content soon this year. Stay tuned for more updates! ... If you wish to watch more content from J.D. Shah Films, help it grow by subscribing to the YouTube channel, signing up for our newsletter, and following our social media pages. Also, share a word about J.D. Shah Films and its projects with your loved ones.

Thank you!

Love you all,

J.D. Shah Films and Team

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