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  • J.S.F. Horror simply means J.D. Shah Films horror creation. Dark Nights Tales is a weekly ongoing episodic show. Every week on Sunday, the audience will be served with an animated horror story.

  • For this show, we do not accept any stories that contain nudity and taboo scenes.


  • J.S.F. Romance simply means J.D. Shah Films romance creation. Tales of Sweet and Twisted Love is a weekly ongoing episodic show. Every week on Saturday, the audience will be served with an animated romantic story.

  • For this show, we do accept stories that contain nudity and taboo scenes.


  • If you are an author submitting a short story, it must meet the below requirements:

  1. Your manuscript should be in DOCX or PDF format (Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and Double Spaced). Inclusion of Name, Mailing Address, E-mail Address, and Phone number is required.

  2. Word length must be between 500 and 2000 words.

  3. It must sent to - submissions (at) jdshahfilms (dot) com. The Subject Line must be in this format: Your Name | Genre | Word Length | Submissions

  4. The E-mail Body must include: (A.) How did you find us? (B.) A reason for why you are interested in submitting the story. (C.) A list of your previous publications (if any). (E.) Which show are you submitting your story for? (D.) Why do you think we are a perfect match for your story?

  5. Inclusion of Website and Social Media links in the body/footer of the email, or at the end of the manuscript.


  • For original work, we pay $0.02 per word. For previously published stories in any format of the entertainment industry, we pay $0.01 per word. You can include your scriptwriting experience in the story submission email if you also know scriptwriting. We will discuss the pricing if you believe you can write a script for the episodes of Dark Nights Tales and/or Tales of Sweet and Twisted Love.

  • Also, if you want us to include your submission in a podcast, you will be paid additional $0.01 per word. Moreover, you are welcome to submit a story only for podcast, and you will be paid only $0.01 per word.


  • We accept horror fictional stories only for the Dark Nights Tales show. We do not accept general submissions of true crime stories, and also stories based on true events.

  • We accept original work only. We do not want AI generated, fan fiction, origin stories, and rewrites of pre-existing stories, despite of whether you have permission from their original creators or not.

  • We do accept nudity and taboo stories for the episodes of Tales of Sweet and Twisted Love. If we accept your story, we may release a shorter version of the story with no explicit content on YouTube, and an extended version of the story that contains explicit content on our website However, the payment for the story will remain the same as stated above in the section of Payment.

  • We accept stories in English only.

  • Your story should be well edited. Make sure to use Microsoft Word's spelling check and grammar checker tools. You can also run your stories through Grammarly. If necessary, hire a professional editor or pass it through someone trusted (e.g., English Teacher) for their feedback and assistance. Double-check your work before submitting it to J.D. Shah Films.


  • We do not accept series/partial stories. If the story appears to be incomplete - or it is separated into various parts; for example, a submission that indicates 'Part 1' or 'Chapter 1' in its title, or 'To be continued' at the end - will be rejected.

  • We may accept a series, in a rare case; however, you must submit the entire series. That being said, if your story is separated into five parts, you must submit all five parts for us to consider your work. E-mail Requirement: Subject Line: Your Name | Genre | Series Submission | Number of Parts.

  • For the episodes of Dark Nights Tales, we do not accept any stories that contains nudity and taboo sex scenes.


  • Currently, we allow only one submission per week from the same author. If you submit more than one story per week, all your past and future submissions will automatically be rejected.


  • When submitting your work to J.D. Shah Films, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Submission listed on this page, and you also grant us a non-exclusive right to publish your work on the website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms of and affiliated with J.D. Shah Films.

  • When submitting work to J.D. Shah Films, you permit us to modify your work slightly (if needed) to create eye-catching visuals for animation so that we can deliver the best entertaining animated stories to the audience.

  • Once the decision is made to publish the story, we may send you a Release Form to you via email to secure the rights in writing. As a part of this process, we will request your Legal Name, regardless of whether you are writing under a legal name or pen name. In case you are writing under a pen name, you do not need to worry. Your Legal Name will not be disclosed publicly without your permission.

  • We may also request a Character Reference file to create a better animation.


  • Absolutely, yes. Authors will always be credited for their work in multiple places, and if they desire, we also include links to their websites and social media. It is an author's responsibility to inform us of the links if they'd like them included.

  • If an author makes any updates to their website and social media links, they can always reach us at submissions (at) jdshahfilms (dot) com with the Subject Line: Your Name | Link(s) Update | Name of Published Story at J.D. Shah Films.


  • We do not allow removal requests.

  • Once the animated story is released, it remains published online unless the Producer(s), Assignee(s), and Successor(s) of J.D. Shah Films themselves decide to remove it for the company's benefits and growth and/or any other reason.


  • We do allow requests for story revision. However, the request must be made within 72 hours of submission - or - 48 hours after the author signs the release form.

  • Once the production starts, story revision requests may get rejected.

  • Revision of a Story request must be sent to submissions (at) jdshahfilms (dot) com with the Subject Line: Your Name | Revision Request | Name of Submitted Story at J.D. Shah Films.

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